Sinikka Jacinth
(Full Name: Sinikka Sophia Jacinth)
(Robot Serial Number: 14 27 19 15 52 60 76 18 17 20 70 16 42)
Age: 19-21
Birth: September 3rd, 2x01 (adopted on September 10th, 2x01)
Height: 5'9"
Species: Robot/CSH (Computer Simulated Humanoid)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Job: Stays at home, exchanges her sapphires for money
Likes: Her friends, Sapphires, steak, potatoes, video games, cherry slushies, cooking.
Personality: nice, empathetic, caring, loyal, clever, cheeky, impulsive, forgetful, lenient.

Friends: Lily Paddington (best friend), Miles Grey, Kaeri Tertis (adoptive brother), etc. 

Lily Paddington
(Full Name: Lilith April Paddington)

Age: 19-21
Birth: April 29th, 2x01
Height: 5'10"
Species: Frog
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Job: Convenience store clerk at Fast Mart
Likes: Her friends, green tea, mashed potatoes with gravy, video games,
Personality: nice, loyal, supportive, friendly, realist, aggressive, perfectionist
Friends: Sinikka Jacinth (best friend), Miles Grey, Kaeri Tertis, Speckle Hakari, Charlie Panera, Sova Powell, Darlene Cottontail, etc. 

Miles Grey
(Full Name: Michael Filene Grey)

Age: 19-21
Birth: August 17th, 2x01
Height: 6'01"
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Job: Worker at Jack's Restaurant
Likes: His friends, meat, TV, lasers, video games,
Personality: relaxed, friendly, cool, goofball, lazy, easily stressed, clumsy, slightly immature
Friends: Sinikka Jacinth (best friend), Lily Paddington, Maria Grey (sister), Beth Bacon, Speckle Hakari, Charlie Panera, Darlene Cottontail, etc. 

More to come